Bets on Football Games: Trading or Punting?

A bet from here, another from there, the time is passing and we are not that beginner bettor of some time ago. And of course you will notice in your football betting  that a preference starts to emerge, some will be punters and others will be traders and you may want to do both.

In this article, we’ll look at what a punter and a trader looks at when making their football bets and present the advantage and disadvantage of each of these styles so that you can identify the one that best suits you.


Punting is not just “betting and praying”

One thing is certain in any bettor’s life: not everyone who bets has traded, but he was certainly a punter. After all the act of “betting and praying” so that the guess is successful is the style of betting practiced by the punter. He does his analysis there, chooses the betting site to leave his guess and throws it there.


So, for the supposed simplicity of being a punter a good part of the betting community sees the trader as the last cold Coca-Cola in the desert is above good and evil because he needed to understand how Bet fair works also needed to learn to bet against Bet fair he uses software, he bets using ladder sand not that traditional Bet fair layout he does ca-shouts, he has hatching and bookmaking strategies, he does swing trading and some other cool stuff all in English to look even cooler  of course!

That is, through a technical and sophisticated language its tools and software the trader seeks to differentiate symbolically from the common better.


Bets on punting style football games

Bets on punting style football games I do not like being categorical or trying to be the owner of the truth – let alone in a field as recent for us Brazilians as it is sports betting – so the punter vision I would like to share with you is that of an investor , from the one who analyzes bets on football matches as a shareholder evaluates the stock options to be bought on the stock exchange.


I believe that the main objective of the punter is to find value in the bets that he makes trying to get involved in situations of  Positive Expected Value. That’s why good punters do not care much if they lost or won a single game. Picking up a dozen bets and observing the hit rate is not as relevant as it represents only the short term. It would be like having only a small clipping of a whole.


The focus here is on the long run and if the predictive ability predicts just as your predictive model is well calibrated, it will certainly follow the evolution of a chart a historical series of your bankroll and your return on investment over a period.


What is a qualitative analysis on punting?

Qualitative analysis in punting Qualitative analysis is a naturally subjective analysis that is, reality is not in the observed object but in the subject . Thus, through qualitative analysis different “truths” emerge about the same fact.

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